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Direct supplies tooling for metal processing from Taiwan

Outlook & Drawing

Nib Tap for Carbon Steelvanadium-containing high-speed steel with titanium nitride coatingNib Tap for Carbon SteelNib Tap for Carbon Steel

Production range

  • Metric M8 ~ M64
  • U series 5/16~2-1/2"
  • W series 5/16~2-1/2"

Tool Material Type

Vanadium-containing High-Speed Steel (HSSE)

Surface treatment

TiN (Titanium Nitride) or TiCN (Titanium Carbon Nitride) coating

Features of Nib Tap

  • Special order item
  • This tap is used by directly screwing onto a bent shank with a thread hole
  • Nib Tap could be connected with bent shanks by couplers, which would substantially shorten the adjusting time
  • Connecting taps with bent shanks by couplers could lower the possibilies of tap breakage caused by the strong torgue
  • To meet customers' requirements, we are able to design and manufacture taps or couplers per the samples offered.